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March 23, 2021 - Emily appeared on the Jim Masters TV show on YouTube and FaceBook LIVE talking about her career as an actress in Hollywood. See her interview here.

Emily Rey on the Jim Masters TV show


November, 2019 - Los Angeles
Emily books a national commercial for T-Mobile celebrating International Women's Day.

September, 2019 - Los Angeles
Emily books a national commercial for Xfinity

June, 2018 - Los Angeles
Emily Rey wins a Platinum Award for Best Children/Young Acting Duo (Special Jury Prize) along with her co-star, Lily Brooks O'Briant, at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles for her short film "Presentation".

Quote from FilmThreat.com regarding Emily's performance in "Presentation".

"Danielle has masterfully created a simple, yet powerful short film about being a teen and figuring out how to navigate the maze of adolescence. She’s found gold in Emily Rey’s performance as the timid student, Holly, forced to overcome her anxiety. She brilliantly plays it with subtlety as not to make her character’s arc feel falsely dramatic."




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