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Demo Acting Reel for Emily Rey. A new demo reel is in the process with Emily's latest work. Check back soon! This demo has some of Emily's best early work. She has grown even more as an actor and her next demo will demonstrate this growth.
Emily Rey's national commercial for Walmart was part of the Summertime series of ads created for Walmart for the Summer of 2016. Emily's commercial had over 11 million views on Walmart's YouTube channel and also aired on nationl television in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. There was an English version and a Spanish version.
Emily Rey's national Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the U.S. Forest Service and National Ad Council earned her SAG-AFTRA eligibility in 2014. Emily actually went in on a callback without ever auditioning and was exactly what they were looking for. This PSA has renewed in 2015 and again in 2016. Hoping it renews in 2017!
Emily booked the lead in this music video title, "Stranger Love" for an upcoming group called, "The CLASSIXX". Emily still says this was one of her favorite and most fun booking since she began acting. It was done all in B&W and filmed at night throughout Los Angeles.
Emily booked a role in John Legend's music video, "You and I (Nobody in the World)". Emily booked the role of a bullied student in the video and she had a great time on set. This led to the documentary by John Legend, "When I Look in the Mirror", where Emily had a speaking role.
Emily booked a role in a documentary by John Legend titled, "When I Look in the Mirror". This was a behind the scenes look at many of the women who participated in the music video. Emily had a speaking role where she improved her dialog.
This video titled, "Family" Emily filmed at her acting class. Her acting coach Kevin Sizemore filmed the scene. Kevin's influence as a coach on Emily is taking her acting to another level. This video is about a brother and sister who have lost their parents and they now have to find a way to overcome the loss.
This video titled, "Onion" Emily filmed with her acting coach Kevin Sizemore. Kevin has spent a lot of time teaching Emily to find that gold that's in a script but not written. This video is about a young man who wants to break up because his date ate onions.
This video is a scene called, "Penguins" from an On Camera Intensive class by Deborah Lemen. Emily is only 12 years old in this video, but is already showing a very natural acting style and great instincts.
This video is a scene called, "Jade and Blanch" from an On Camera Intensive class by Deborah Lemen. Emily is working with her actual younger sister, Gracie Miller in this scene, and their interaction is very real. You can learn more about Gracie on her website.
Emily booked the role of the younger version of the famous Chilean actress Leonor Varela in this commercial for Banco Santander Chile.
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